NEW YEAR RESOLUTIONS: Global Expansion Plans

Avid reader and fitness enthusiast, Steve Hasenmeuller says Marquis Spas will be extending its global coverage in 2014.

Steve Hasenmeuller, director of global sales for Marquis Spas, will be aiming to achieve his personal goal of reading 60 books in 2014 – he usually manages 50 a year. Steve will also be competing in a number of triathlons as well as the London marathon. Says Steve: “2103 was a big growth year for Marquis Spas.

“The high point would be establishing the UK warehouse model that we were already employing in Canada and Rotterdam, and with a late start, achieving our best year since 2008. “To help us achieve our 2014 goals, Marquis Spas is participating in all the major trade shows next year.

“This gets us the exposure to establish new relationships, and we do a really good job of getting dealers up and running. “To help us exceed our goals we are going to put Marquis salesmen in the field in select countries,” Steve adds.

When asked what advice Marquis would be giving to dealers next year, Steve said it would be that they not settle for what they know; or what they have done in the past.

“It is a new economic landscape and selling to today’s customer is indeed different than it was in the past,” says Steve. “Get better. Do the best you can – with what you have; from where you are. And he adds: “A seemingly simple statement that is actually quite challenging.”