Allen Wilson hopes to treble the ISPE membership so that others can appreciate the Institute’s learning philosophy.

Allen Wilson reprinted the fourth edition of his book – twice – in 2013 and was interviewed by Angela Rippon for a television programme due to be aired in the New Year.

“My business, like the rest of the industry, was generally good as long as I enjoyed flying – I don’t,” says Allen. “I estimate I will have made 35 flights this year and sadly most of them economy class,” he reveals, confirming that he anticipates keeping up the travel schedule in 2014.

Allen says pool and spa businesses should realize that training is not a cost centre; but instead, improve margins.

“If I had one wish to make a difference to the water leisure sector in 2014 it would be to treble the membership of the ISPE. I have learned so much from the members and wish to share it with the others,” says Allen.

Looking ahead to predictions for 2014, Allen says: “One thing that I believe will increase, is remote monitoring of pools via the smart phone technology.

“While working in Venice, one of my customers got a text alerting him to a high pH at one of his sites in South London. He was then able to send a signal to the site automatic control system to reduce the pH on the pool by adding acid for ten minutes.

Allen also believes that phosphate removal products and phosphate testers, is a horse to back saying: “The amount being added by water companies is, in my opinion, unnecessarily high and will cause us problems.”