Michel Dupenloup is already looking forward to the world-leading Lyon pool show.

For Michel Dupenloup, the editor of the leading French publications, Côté Piscine, and L’Activité Piscine, the New Year will be a time to resolve, as in previous years, to spend more time with friends and family especially on the ski slopes. In reality, his ambitions may well be thwarted by the ever-present pressures of magazine deadlines.

“The French market was not easy in 2013, primarily because of the weather that was really bad from January to the end of June – cold and rainy and of course consumers were not interested in swimming pool projects.

“Secondly, with the challenging economic situation; the majority of French people are worried and they prefer to save their spare money instead of spending it,” comments Michel.

“However, if the weather is on our side, then 2014 could be a good year, even without strong economic growth, because the desire for swimming pools is high in the minds of French people,” he says.

Michel is already looking forward to the world-leading Lyon pool show that takes place in November 2014 and reminds companies: “Pool and spa professionals must sell to their consumers the lifestyle and the concept of happiness because when they buy a swimming pool; they don’t but buy a pump, a filter and a water treatment but they buy the lifestyle for themselves and their families.”