NivekoThe range of Niveko pools has always been based on the option to adapt them to suit the customer’s requirements.
The selection of literally every detail thus depends solely on your ideas and dreams, which Niveko will then bring to life. There are seven different types of pool to choose from, every detail of which can be customised to suit.
The Overflow Underflow pool is a unique mix of the very best features of skimmer and overflow pools. The fact that the water surface disappears below the surrounding terrace means the minimum of water is lost as you swim, keeping the level as high as possible.
This is the best type of pool for using a built-in counter current to enhance enjoyment whileswimming, while the sound of the water filter can be eliminated using the silent Whisper variant. However, practical functionality is not the Overflow Underflow’s only strong point – the invisible edge of the pool, which disappears below the surrounding terrace, easily makes the pool a decorative and dominant feature of every garden.
Thanks to the Overflow Underflow, Niveko offers a unique pool design for customers with a clear idea of what they want and with specific requirements in mind. Its features and design make it a great choice for every family house.

Niveko Pools