EXTENDED PRODUCTION will enable Niveko to considerably cut delivery times

To help meet the current unprecedented demand for residential pools, Niveko has added a 2,550m2 one-piece pool production facility to its existing complex, near Uherský Brod, in the Czech Republic, increasing manufacturing capacity by 50 – 70% and considerably cutting delivery times. The new hall is fitted out with the very latest technology to increase production automation with two cranes, automatic CNC machine tools and a fully automatic rack storage system – the first of its kind in the Czech Republic.

Established in 1991, when swimming pools were not yet its main focus, Niveko pools did not take long to become successful on the domestic market and now available in 18 countries. Pools are distributed to a B2B principle through local partners who are carefully picked and fully trained in the product.

The year 2018 was a major turning point for NIVEKO, as the company became part of the international Pollet Pool Group based in Belgium. The advantages this gives Niveko include a stable financial background and the support of a strong international group. It is also no coincidence that in the same year Niveko moved into brand new premises equipped with cutting-edge production technology and administrative facilities. The main reason for this was the need to increase production capacity, as well as to create a pleasant working environment for our employees. The site includes a production hall, sanitary facilities and an administrative building. It also boasts an indoor and outdoor showroom with working pools, combining various NIVEKO designs for pools and their surroundings.

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