Ocea Halves Delivery Times

Under a new ownership umbrella, assembly of Ocea slatted pool covers will switch to the UK.

Ocea has confirmed it is entering an ‘exciting new phase of development’ with a new UK headquarters and an increased role in the delivery of the premier Ocea swimming pool system.

Working from a new assembly base in the Oxford area, the move will halve lead times for Ocea tailor-made cover system from four to two weeks. Stock will now be held in the UK; making servicing and after sales even more time efficient.

“We are very excited with this strategic change that enables the UK team to focus completely on Ocea and not be side-tracked,” confirms Alan Thorne, director of the Ocea UK business. “We will be able to focus on what Ocea does well and make it even better with complete order to delivery oversight of orders,” adds Alan.

The move will see Ocea UK separate from its sister company, the Hydrofloors moving floor operation as part of a major restructuring of the Aqua Technology Group. Currently supplying 200 swimming pool covers every year in the UK, the Ocea brand is one of the major players in the market supplying up to 2,000 units annually across Europe. The reorganisation will see simplified choice of top quality motors and systems for more efficient but more cost-effective solutions.

“Previously we found ourselves in a position of not being able to keep up with demand and in the ludicrous situation of having to turn away business,” says Alan. “These changes enable the company to build proactively rather than just respond reactively and gives us increased capacity to expand core customer network,” explains Alan. “Ultimately, this will mean offering a speedier service to more customers without compromising quality.”

Available in an extensive palette of colour options, the inifinite colour and shape opportunities available through Ocea, revolutionise swimming pool design opportunities. The result gives an unrivalled natural look but offers the maximum potential for solar heating.

Previously only available to a limited, high-end list of customers, the Ocea UK cover options will now be opened to an extended but still limited number of UK and European water leisure customers on a first come, first served basis.

Ocea UK
Tel. +44 (0)1865 290900