Ocea Raise Pool Cover Bar With Three New Ranges

A rainbow of colour options are now available from Ocea pool covers, all backed by improved performance and solar gain.

Perpetually pushing the technological boundaries in pursuit of the most elegant and durable swimming pool cover in creation, is something leading manufacturer, Ocea, holds as its core. So the unveiling of Ocea’s latest development in polycarbonate plastic cover slats is not just going to send ripples across Europe but throughout the global pool covers sector. Offering impact and shatter resistance that is 30 times better than any other cover Ocea has ever produced, the Ocea team says they are now able to offer their customers a slatted cover that is ten times more durable than any other traditional cover on the market. Not just stronger and more durable, Ocea has also injected infinite new creative possibilities into its new ‘kolourtech’ design, blended and developed by its own labs, to offer a range of colours that are unsurpassed for their vivid long-lasting tones.


Ocea is also raising the energy efficiency bar; setting new standards, it says, for with the best-performing solar gain slats on the market. “At Ocea, thanks to our superior research, development and production facilities, we can do things that no one else does,” says Alan Thorne of Ocea UK. “What Ocea is offering is a complete design package, giving the trade and their customers more alternatives, more added extras, all backed by the re-assurance of Ocea’s product reliability and extended guarantees,” says Alan. “Now Ocea is exclusively able to offer cover schemes that will blend or contrast the room or any architecturally designed outside environment that a pool cover is being introduced too,” he adds. With Ocea’s new ‘Nature’ and ‘Mineral’ ranges of seasonal and natural stone colours or its bespoke ‘Vibrant’ colour range, the Ocea pool cover can either be designed to compliment and blend in to its surroundings, or contrast and become an exciting focal point for any designer room or garden space.


For its Nature range, in ‘fern’, ‘olive’ and ‘sea’ tones, Ocea has utilised its latest production technology to dual extrude two colours with a tinted transparent polycarbonate on the surface and a solid colour underneath to give an unrivalled natural look yet with maximum potential for solar heating. With its Mineral range, designed for indoor and outdoor use in tones of ‘slate’, ‘sandstone’ and ‘topaz’, Ocea has a produced a cover that is crystal clear polycarbonate on the surface with a natural stone colour visible underneath. This not only gives a stunning modern effect visually but also means that the cover again has the potential for solar heating. For pools intended to be the focal point of the garden or room, the Vibrant range is initially available in three bold colours of luscious ‘cherry red’, an intense ‘lime green’, and a dramatic ‘turquoise’. With presentation packs now available on a first come, first served basis, early contact with the Ocea teams in both the UK and Belgium is advised.


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