Old Filter Is Perfect For Elephant Play

Waterco has donated an Exotuf filter tank as an elephant’s play thing.

Of all the functions a Waterco filter tank has to fulfill, a toy for a young elephant is not one that first comes to mind! However, earlier this year an Exotuf filter tank became just that, after Waterco donated the product as a birthday present to a two year old Asian elephant at one of the world’s most popular zoos. “Waterco was contacted by the zoo to see whether we had any old filter tanks,” says Tony Fisher, Waterco Europe’s Managing Director. “It was an out of the blue request that we were happy to help with.” The elephant in question, a little girl called Mali, was the first elephant to be born at the zoo. She and her one year old brother, Ongard, are the products of a breeding program that aims to increase the numbers of this beloved endangered species. The zoo says they requested the tank because they believed it would be a sturdy, entertaining and enriching toy for Mali.