Olympic Legacy Continues In Bath

Bath University is benefiting from the permanent installation of a London Olympics temporary training pool.

One of the temporary training pools installed in London for the 2012 Olympics and earmarked as a legacy benefit is being installed at Bath University.

Aqua leisure specialists Barr + Wray will decommission and remove the existing pool and filtration plant from the University of Bath sports complex and install the Olympic Legacy pool and filtration plant in its place. It is the first 50m pool of its kind to be installed in its new permanent location.

Barr + Wray has incorporated the legacy pool requirements and adapted the design appropriately, including making minor amendments to the pool to make it fit within the existing space at the university.

The pool will be used by the university as well as providing a training facility for the British Swimming Team. It will be fitted with underwater cameras and windows so that the training can be analysed.

Allan Cullen, senior project engineer at Barr + Wray said: “This is a really exciting project for Barr + Wray to be involved in. The legacy of the Olympic Games is important to continue and the people of Bath University will also benefit from this wonderful new facility.

“With the additional technology and training facilities, this pool will give future Olympic swimmers the best possible chance to develop and improve. It’s a fantastic initiative to use the Olympic pools to enhance swimming facilities across the county.”