Open And Shut Case

Guncast is installing its spiral lift system throughout the UK, Europe and the USA.

A commercial pool featuring the new Guncast spiral lift moving floor system provides the centre piece of a university sports centre in Quebec, Canada.

The existing pool did not give the university the flexibility they needed to make the most efficient use of the facility, practically, economically or financially.

A moving floor would transform the pool into a modern, multiuse facility and the Guncast system, being particularly suitable for retrofit, presented the ideal solution. The install involved fitting the new moving floor into the existing structure taking into consideration the existing fittings and available plant space.

The Guncast Spiral Lift system was developed with industry leading engineers and Guncast’s swimming pool construction and operation expertise. It requires only a control panel in the plant room and an electrical supply. The system is very clean and simple, the Spiral Lift technology and all workings are housed below the floor deck with one single penetration to the pool shell. All pool plant and equipment was existing, only minor modifications were required to the pool itself, the filtration, fittings, treatment and finishes.

Guncast is now installing its Spiral Lift system throughout the UK and Europe and across the USA and is happy to discuss potential projects without obligation.

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