nivekoCustom pool manufacturer Niveko has long taken pride in its ability to meet the unique requirements of its customers. Each pool is bespoke, reflecting the unique nature of the company’s individual clients and bringing their ideas to life, right down to the finest detail. The business lives by the belief that a pool is something that a customer buys to last for a long time, and satisfaction is therefore an absolutely crucial aspect.

The company is promoting the Niveko Overflow Evolution as the prime choice for customers who prefer a tasteful, minimalist design to the overflow edge, which is a mere 20 mm. This then makes the actual surface of the water stand out beautifully, making it the dominant feature. The transition between the surface and the surroundings of the pool is almost imperceptible. Another advantage of the Evolution is that you’re not taking any risks – the design, which accentuates the water itself, will always tastefully enhance your garden.

Moreover, it can additionally be complemented by the silent ‘whisper’ overflow trough. The Evolution pool is perfect to complement the wide range of optional accessories offered by Niveko. For instance, the recessed stainless steel built-in features of Niveko Plus or the exclusive Apollo steps are ideal for creating a stylish, undisrupted impression. In fact, the only thing left to resolve depends on yours and your customers’ own taste and imagination.

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