Partnership Working Pays Off For Pollet Pool Group

Staff from BAYROL and Pollet Pool Group teamed up for their first collaborative training and customer event at Newbury recently.

Living up to its philosophy of thinking globally and acting locally, the Pollet Pool Group team recently welcomed customers to the first combined BAYROL and PPG customer event since the collaboration of the two companies a year ago.
Held in and around Newbury, with Pool & Spa Scene exclusively in attendance, the two-day event included the third BAYROL La Voie seminar and dinner dance, and the fourth PPG winter seminar and race day, held at Newbury race course, with a full race card including the prestigious Hennessy Gold Cup.
The introduction of BAYROL customers to PPG has significantly increased the turnover and probably quadrupled the number of orders received on a daily basis.
Investment has been made in infrastructure with the addition of three new customer service coordinators in addition to the employment of Jimmy Lamb, Lesley Hipkiss and Peter Turnbull all of the ex-BAYROL team, plus a dedicated, staffed warehouse for storage and chemical distribution.
“In order to reach the level of customer service that our customers expect and deserve, technical and product training is paramount and it’s been difficult trying to fit this in and around everything else that has been going on,” comments Jimmy Lamb, PPG’s BAYROL product manager.
“Previously having little knowledge about Pollet Pool Group, I have been really surprised firstly, at the scale of the business in Europe but, also the array of products on offer and, because of the size of the European business just how competitive PPG are compared to some of the larger more established distributors in the UK,” adds Jimmy.
As well as being one of the most well known premium brands in Europe, BAYROL also offer the well known Analyt, PoolManager and Pool Relax controllers exclusively through trade outlets only.
More recently, BAYROL has developed their SpaTime water care range specifically with the end user in mind.
“The first thing that customers notice about the SpaTime range is the distinct look of the products,” Jimmy told BAYROL delegates.
“The packaging was specifically designed to appeal to the end users and be in keeping with other spa and lifestyle products.
“The concept is to keep the range as simple as possible, enabling customers to easily and confidently choose the right products for their home spa or hot tub,” Jimmy explained.
The training event provided an ideal opportunity for BAYROL to present their new company design, including new logo, labels and packaging, point of sale material, website, advertising and company literature.
Jürgen Koenig, marketing and development director at BAYROL explained: “Prior to rebranding, the BAYROL company design had not been changed for over 15 years, and the logo for almost 30 years, so it was well overdue.
“The new corporate design highlights BAYROL’S expertise, experience and heritage within the industry. It also raises BAYROL’s image as an innovation leader, while differentiating from its competitors,” he added.
The newly re-branded materials have already started to be rolled out – the logo has been replaced and the website is under construction, with a view to launch early this year.
The evening of day one saw delegates gather for a black tie dinner and dance with a comic cabaret performance.
During the event, BAYROL and PPG pledged a contribution of £435 to the mental health charity Mind, following generous donations made by their customers and suppliers at their annual winter seminar event.
The charity was selected by Ceri Shepard of PoolCare Leisure in Warwick, after winning a coin toss contest.

Two training sessions focused first on Bayrol and then on a selection of PPG products.

On day two of the combined training event, representatives from some of PPG’s key suppliers Pentair, Acis, Hayward and MSI gave presentations on some of their flagship products and latest innovations to an attentive audience.
The Pentair Clear Pro Filter, Hayward Pool Vac automatic cleaner and Acis pumps and filters were just some of the products showcased during the seminar.
Bob Kent of MSI gave an in depth look into Zeoclere filter media, highlighting the benefits and exploring its uses.
Bob explained: “Zeoclere is a versatile product and is used in a variety of industries, including water treatment, cleaning products and aquariums to name but a few. Within the pool industry, it can be used in private pools, hotel and hydrotherapy pools and leisure centres.
“Sand has always been an all-time friend of our industry and probably will continue to be for many years to come, but all sand does is mechanically strain particles in the water. By replacing sand with Zeoclere, pool owners can save water and reduce costs and maintenance. Zeoclere is undoubtedly, clearly the future,” he concluded.
For up to the minute information, including prices on both BAYROL and PPG products then please contact the team.

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