Pool COPModern pool management is all about making processes as efficient and easy as possible. With this in mind, one of the most innovative products on the market is the GC PoolCop – a smart pool management system that remotely monitors every aspect of a pool. It consists of a Valve Data Unit that is installed on the pool filter, while a Control Communication Box is mounted near to the pool’s electrical hub. Once connected to the pool equipment, GC PoolCop can analyse the pool’s condition and optimise maintenance by sending alerts when something needs attention, thereby minimising callouts to when they are truly needed.

“GC PoolCop regulates treatment, controls water level, optimises the duration of filtration and enables automatic cleaning,” says Adam Clark, Sales Director at Golden Coast. “This all results in clear water without having to rely on the use of chemicals as 38 much. GC PoolCop also reduces water waste and lowers energy consumption, making it an extremely eco-friendly way to take care of your pool.” GC PoolCop can be combined with an amperometric probe, such as GC Crystal. Available from Golden Coast, GC Crystal systems use dosing pumps to effectively dispense proportional pH and sanitiser for safe and accurate water treatment. “GC PoolCop and GC Crystal make the ultimate product pairing as together they create a unified dosing and pool management system,” explains Adam.

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