Pool Ventilation System Upgrades

Recotherm recently supplied a model Aeris D to maintain conditions in the pool hall at the Hallmark Hotel Stourport Manor.
Recotherm recently supplied a model Aeris D to maintain conditions in the pool hall at the Hallmark Hotel Stourport Manor.

The spa leisure complex at Hallmark Hotel Stourport Manor was served by an old air conditioning unit, which after years of service was no longer working correctly and was costing a lot of money to maintain.
This affected the hotels ability to provide an optimal environment for guests in the leisure complex and from the maintenance engineers point of view was becoming increasingly difficult to operate.
The increasing fallibility of the old air conditioning unit meant that conditions in the pool hall had deteriorated over a period of time resulting in condensation on the windows and low temperatures in the pool hall. This was causing both customer enjoyment and the structure of the building to deteriorate.
Alane Broom the maintenance engineer felt that rather than to continue to spend money on the old unit the decision should be taken to get it replaced.
Recotherm was chosen as being the best in terms of cost and technicality. Recotherm supplied a model Aeris D- using this unit meant that the ductwork cost could be kept to a minimum and it was supplied flatpack as an aid to installation. Other benefits include lower running costs, quiet operation and state of the art controls, meaning greater control of temperature and humidity.
Alane Broom commented: “We are very happy with the installation and would definitely recommend Recotherm to anyone else looking to replace their ventilation unit. The unit works great and we haven’t had a bean of condensation on any of the windows since it was installed.”

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