POOL WATER SAVINGS REVOLUTION pic 1A revolutionary new water treatment product from hth is set to transform the water management of smaller commercial pools in the UK, with promised huge saving on water and carbon emissions. A radically new approach to commercial pool chlorination, the CCH slow-dissolving tablets, now available in the UK, work with an easy-to-use CCH® EnduranceTM Feeder, offering an automatic solution that meets the needs of modern pools up to 200 m3 . CCH® EnduranceTM Tablets are non-stabilised, and do not contain cyanuric acid. The CCH® EnduranceTM system is able to connect with any automatic controller or as a stand-alone unit where no automatic controller is in place. Distributed in the UK by Complete Pool Controls, this simple and moneysaving solution for the smaller volume commercial pool market will be of particularly interest in venues like school pools, holiday park pools, hotels and leisure clubs. “We have developed this CCH method that is a patented as a world first with radical positive impacts for the market,” explained Steve Gallagher on behalf of hth. “You will always need chlorine but this will drastically reduce the amounts of cyanuric acid needed,” he continued. “The only way to get rid of cyanuric acid is through heavy dilution, on average, this costs £2 per m3 in the UK,” said Steve who added that pools can make the switch straight away.

hthLaunched in the USA over two years ago, following five years of development, small volume, commercial pools switching away from trichlor and sodium hypochlorite have saved huge amounts of the water which was historically thrown away to keep Cyanuric Acid and Total Dissolved Solids under control. If the pool is heated, carbon emissions associated with these facilities have seen huge reductions. Stabilised sanitisers like trichlor, contain cyanuric acid, and can have a high total alkalinity but low carbonate alkalinity, making operators think their water is balanced when it is actually very corrosive. The calcium in CCH® EnduranceTM tablets helps to protect against corrosion, concrete and grout loss, extending the life of the pool. High levels of cyanuric acid can cause cloudy water, a risk of bather cross infection and unpleasant bathing conditions. The innovative CCH® EnduranceTM tablets ensure the operator is in full control of the cyanuric acid levels. This ensures optimum outdoor pool water can be achieved all of the time. The CCH® EnduranceTM tablet is a slow dissolving calcium hypochlorite tablet. This means for smaller volumes of water, which would have historically used trichlor, we can now offer a sanitiser system which is water and energy saving. This innovative product offers long-term money saving benefits for pool operators and increased water quality for bathers.

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