Popular Range Requires Few Updates

ABOVE: For each LPS model there is the option to order the standard configuration or premium.

The Aegean LPS range has proved so popular since being launched in 2001 that only the smallest of updates have been made subsequently. Previous changes have focused on incorporating equipment and build methods that have become available to improve energy efficiency and performance. Little has changed to the aesthetics with the original designs standing the test of time. “For the first time, we are seeing a significant shift in customer demand for high levels of design customisation,” comments Aegean’s Chris Perry, who adds: “Previously only available at premium price points, we have worked to bring unique spa customisation to the mainstream market.” PREMIUM MODEL For each LPS model in 2018 there is the option to order the standard configuration or premium. The premium model includes a contemporary grey aluminium cabinet and a unique turbo feature where air is forcefully injected into the hydro-massage lines delivering an intense massage experience. The individuality of design also ensures attention to detail throughout the UK since the turn of the millennium. Options now available, on all configurations are a Coril shell, enable the customer to customise their spa in any RAL colour. Additionally, two different audio systems to enhance bathers’ hot tub relaxation or party experience. “We are seeing that customers are willing to trave further for personalised product and service,” Chris reveals. He adds: “Our dealers are guaranteed a secure and sizeable exclusive territory and receive any leads generated in that area.” Display orders include a free sound system, handmade Corian design steps and delivery, all supported by full after-sales support for service and parts in the UK, operated centrally from the West Midlands. For pricing information on the 2018 Aegean LPS range and to check on the remaining availability of protected territories, then a quick phone call could reserve your region.

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