PPG Invests In Home Grown Training

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ABOVE: Lesley Hipkiss leads one of the latest PPG training seminars on automatic dosing.

Pollet Pool Group UK has pinned its main 2019 marketing colours to the mast with three main goals of training, training and yes, more training.
The company hosted several topic-specific education days this spring at its dedicated training room at the company’s new Newbury headquarters. The training is linked with the Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers, so attendees can accumulate Continuous Professional Development (CPD) points. “They say knowledge is power,” says PPG Sales Manager, Jimmy Lamb. “Without doubt, the better you understand a product; the more success you are going to have in selling it. “From PPG’s point of view, we want to be sure that our equipment is installed properly, so it can do the best job and in turn, we limit call backs,” Jimmy emphasises. Having an in-house training room, was high on priority list when the PPG UK team was searching for for new premises.
The dedicated venue, with pre-installed equipment has been a key to the company being able to deliver live training with the company’s Lesley Hipkiss undertaking more training than ever before around the core subjects of pool filtration and dosing. “Investing in training and customer knowledge is a win, win for us as we are very keen to meet the customers not just in their offices but also in the classroom where they gain much more understanding of products and to water treatment in general,” Jimmy explains.

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Jimmy adds: “The biggest take-up from customers has been for classes in the core subject areas of filtration, chemistry and dosing. We are noticing how many front line technicians are being sent to the courses as part of their essential learning.” PPG will be picking up the training in the autumn with a second trip to the Dryden Aqua facility in Edinburgh to raise awareness of its top of the range DAISY+ AFM system.
Attendance is mandatory for those companies wishing to become approved members of PPG’s DAISY Club with preferential pricing and rebates.
“Such is the take up of the DAISY Club that we are now able to introduce an advanced level of membership,” Jimmy reveals.
“The DAISY+ is a high-end, sophisticated system, so installers need to understand the intricacies of a system that when installed properly, it offers a lower chlorine level than that coming out of the tap, we’re talking sub 0.5mg/l sometimes as low as 0.1mg/l.
“The DAISY+ sells itself when you take a test kit on site and test the clients’ drinking and showering water and show that a DAISY+ enables them to be swimming in drinking water.”

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