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-A WHOPPING 300 POOLS have opted for Plastica’s ExtremeTM pool lining system.

All swimming pools, no matter how well built, will require some kind of repair or renovation at some point in the future. Taking the time to maintain your customers’ pools will save them money in the long-term and is cheaper than building a new one. If you are looking for a one-stop shop, Plastica have everything you would need to achieve this, from replacing liners, upgrading the pool room, fitting a new solar or winter debris cover or new reel systems. A majority of Plastica products are manufactured at their UK factory. One benefit of manufacturing in-house is it keeps the cost lower, ensuring the customer reaps the rewards of a first-class product that is made in products comply with ISO 9001 certified standards, set by the British Assessment Bureau. POOL LINING When it comes to lining your customers’ pools Plastica have many years of experience surveying and manufacturing domestic swimming pool liners for the trade. Plastica use a state-of-the-art plotter cutter to accurately cut out and create each bespoke order, from its range of plain or patterned materials. All liner material is available in 0.50mm or 0.75mm, impregnated with algaecide and antioxidants and patterned materials are protected with a lacquer coating to extend the life and colour of the product.



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-PLASTICAS ARGONAUT PUMP is manufactured in their factory in the UK.

Co-ordinating tile bands are triple coated with lacquer to help prevent staining at the waterline, and a variety of beading colours is available to compliment your customer’s liner. Plastica liners are produced at the UK’s largest and most established swimming pool manufacturing facility. They can also weld bespoke designs as well. With a five-year-guarantee, all Plastica liners are embossed with a serial number relating to that order, so future replacements are quickly quoted for and re-fitted with ease.


Plastica’s ExtremeTM Pool Lining system has been used for on-site lining for over 3000 pools in the UK and abroad. Pat Devaney, the ExtremeTM Manager, says: “It’s the ideal solution for renovating leaking commercial and residential pools, as well as new builds. The benefit of this system is that, with no curing or drying time to wait for, the average domestic pool would be re- filling after three days. “Installation can be undertaken any time of year, regardless of the weather” Pat added. “The liner will not crack, is unaffected by frost and ice, is easy to maintain and scratch resistant.” Plastica’s ExtremeTM liners are guaranteed for pools for 10 years up to 32°C, as well as 5 years for hydrotherapy use up to 35°C. There is a wide choice of patterns and colours available including a range of 3D, giving the effect of slate, white marble or sandstone and new for 2021 a 3D granite. Plastica also offer an ExtremeTM liner that gives the effect of ceramic tiles, without the need for re-grouting and are a lot quicker to install!


Having an efficient swimming pool pump will help maintain the flow and cleanliness of the pool water. The correct sized pump should spin through the water without needing to be active 24 hours a day. Plastica’s very own Argonaut pump is manufactured in their factory in the UK. The mechanical seal made with AISI 316 Stainless steel is suitable for a wide range of applications including chlorine, bromine, and salt chlorinated pools, the glass filled polypropylene tank has an unparalleled high chemical resistance. The Argonaut comes with a heavy- duty long life IP55 rated motor that is quiet running with a 60dB rating and the pump self-primes up to 3 metres. All motors include a high-grade Stainless- steel shaft, input power ranging from 0.25 (hp) 0.19kW – 2 (hp) 1.5kW available in single phase and three- phase. Plastica are proud to take control over the quality of what they produce as they offer a bespoke service to suit their trade customers’ needs. Anything from an unusual shaped liner or designing a unique handrail. Manufacturing their own goods in-house gives Plastica the flexibility of offering this added service to their trade customers, which keeps the end- user happy in the long run.


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PLASTICA OFFERS A ONE STOP SHOP for refurbishment projects.

Maintenance company LJW Swimming Pools recently looked to Golden Coast for modern pool solutions when a residential customer in Cheshire required an entire pool and plant room refurbishment. With the customer’s pool equipment starting to fail, they got in touch with LJW Swimming Pools. During discussions, the customer explained how they wanted to enhance the aging plant room, and bring it up to date. Lee Wood, Director at LJW said: “We consulted Golden Coast about requiring a control panel that could keep everything running coherently for this installation, and they recommended the GC Hub control panel. “This meant the customer could operate and control the heating, UV and filters all at the same time with additional timers and setbacks.” A GC Hub control panel can govern multiple aspects of a pool. It can be operated by button, touchscreen, or wireless remote, and can also be set up for remote monitoring and control. “The control panel keeps everything running, making it easier for the customer to maintain their pool,” added Lee. Sarra Collins, Technical Sales Advisor at Golden Coast said: “Our control panels allow the operator to manage all the plant room equipment together. They are tailor-made and custom- built to suit the customer’s exact requirements.” Due to frequent power cuts at their residence, the customer requested that the new equipment had soft start technology and was easy to operate. To heat the pool, Golden Coast provided the Dura Pro. Sarra Collins explained: “When the pump turns on, the soft start technology reduces the current peak on the electricity supply. This allows the pump to heat the pool quickly and quietly. The Dura Pro is really efficient, so the customer is able to save money on their energy bills.”



Golden Coast also recommended the Speck BADU EasyFit pump for the plant room. The EasyFit pump installs quickly and easily onto existing pipework thanks to various connection sets that can be used to adjust the pump’s height and position. This avoids the need for costly and time- consuming replumbing. A Waterco SMD750 Micron filter was then fitted to allow maximum hydraulic performance and filtration, leaving the pool crystal clear with no compromise on water quality. The filters are known throughout the industry for their impressive reliability. The Triogen Ultra UV system was also installed to provide effective water treatment. The UV Ultra unit uses a physical, chemical-free process where water is pumped through a chamber and past a low-pressure (LP) lamp that emits a specific wavelength of ultraviolet light. As the water passes by, the UV light breaks down the DNA of any bacteria and viruses — making it highly efficient as a natural form of disinfection. Lee Wood added: “As always, the support from Golden Coast has been excellent and the customers were really pleased with the new products. They now have a modern plant room with state-of-the-art kit that will last long into the future.” Jamie Adams, Managing Director at Golden Coast said: “Our team is always more than happy to help, and we develop our customer relationships on this. We stock a comprehensive range of equipment, and can supply the right solution for the right installation, no matter the size and scope of the project.”

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