Price Cuts Cost Pool Builders Dear

Stephen Booth, right, and brother, William, work closely together to manage quotes and the general day to day operation of Alba/SB Pools.

Cut throat price-slashing is costing the pool building industry
dear according to one of its leading figures, Stephen Booth,
managing director of Alba/SB Pools Ltd.
“The industry should be very concerned about the pricing that
is going on,” warns Stephen. “Companies are slashing prices in
order to win contracts at a no-profit price,” he says.
Stephen emphasises: “Price slashing is a short term strategy
which ends up with too many companies closing and not being
able to see contracts through – making life doubly difficult for the professional companies that are left.
“We all need a sensible approach to stabilise the business to
ensure we are all lifted out of the recession.”
What you see is what you get with the multi-award winning
Alba Pools team. Based in Brechin, Scotland, the Alba team carries out work all over the UK and Northern Ireland providing all
manner of swimming pools, spa and wellness facilities.
Working alongside Stephen is his brother, William, the
company’s Construction Director, who also assists in quotes
and general day to day operation of the company. Other key
players are Brian Milne, Technical Director, Nigel Taylor as Sales
and Marketing Director and Gordon Murray who is the in-house
From relatively modest domestic pools and hotel spa
developments to large commercial pools, whatever the size of the
project the Alba approach is the same.
“Our aim is consistently to provide a quality comprehensive
service which is second to none within the swimming pool
industry,” says Stephen Booth.
“We attempt to give a good quality product, on time and on
budget and hopefully come out of it with a strong client/customer
On the health and fitness side, the Alba team also recently
installed a new pool for Fitness First – in the former Arsenal
Stadium in Highbury, London. Alba is now working closely with
Chris Johnson of Pulse Fitness, has completed a number of
outstanding projects for them and is currently working at a large
one at Lowestoft.
“Our success is mainly down to our customers,” says Stephen.
“We have been very fortunate over the years to have some good
customers that have not only stuck by us, but brought our name
to the fore.
“But our thanks also go out to the trade suppliers like Astral,
Certikin, SCP and Helo, who, over the years, have been very helpful
assisting us at key points.
“Without these key suppliers, a lot of what we have achieved,
would not have been possible.
Stephen concludes: “I have had 30 good years in the pool
industry and have been fortunate to make some good friends.
“It is good to work with other people to be able to relate to
their problems and to discuss these and our problems. As they say,
‘a problem shared is a problem halved’.
Alba Pools
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