PWTAG Celebrate Book Hat-Trick

PWTAG Celebrate Book Hat-TrickPWTAG produced two slim booklets in its first ten years, and its first proper book (Pool Water Guide) 24 years ago.
Four years later came the first edition of Swimming Pool Water, ten years later the second edition and eight years on, in 2017, the third. The pace has hotted up since: November 2018 saw the publication of Hot Tubs for Business and this November we are publishing a handbook.
The handbook is a departure for PWTAG.
The philosophy behind our big books has always been to spell out both the theory and the practice, in as much detail as it took, to provide a pretty comprehensive guide to the design and management basics. No short cuts: operators were to understand the whole story rather than rely on charts and summaries. In the real world of course, things have changed over the years. Pools are staffed more meanly, and with fewer operators skilled in engineering. There is a need for the sort of book that can be read, understood and followed more quickly and easily. A book that operators might carry round with them at work; one that every members of staff might have. PWTAG has been working on this handbook for some years, making sure that we include everything needed and nothing that’s not. We have a draft that our directors and members (from industry, trade and pool operation) are finalising.

We have a publication date – 13 November, at our AGM. We have a title – well, more than one actually, but that will be settled soon.
Watch this space, and keep checking out