Veteran UK pool builder, John Green of J W Green Swimming Pools is urging fellow UK businesses to query environmental charges that he says are appearing as a surcharge on bills. “These additional charges seem to be placed on all chemical orders,” explains John. “I have asked lots of reps and never had a straight answer,” said John, whose company has been based in Wolverhampton for more than 45 years. “What is this charge all about I wonder,” John continued. “I have asked numerous suppliers what the environmental charge is for and I can find no information on any government information, I believe, they have levied the industry with a stealth tax,” John added, saying: “I suspect it was invented by men and women in the industry, in a locked room, to bolster their profit. No one can tell me there is any central point of collection or what it is used for,” John speculated. “I resent this charge as much as I resent a restaurant trying to add a service charge to my meal bill,” he added. Pool and Spa Scene canvassed opinion among some leading suppliers and received a mixed bag of responses. Peter Turnbull of Pollet Pool Group said both transport and environmental supplements on bills were a long-standing charge. “I am confident that neither ourselves, nor any of our fellow suppliers, pass on anything like the amount we are charged for safe delivery and disposal of products covered under the Dangerous Goods Act,” Peter pointed out. “We could absorb those charges into the product cost but we prefer to be transparent about additional charges like these,” he added.

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