RECOTHERM’S AERUM unit can be connected to an air source heat pump to provide cool air in the summer.

Specialist supplier, Recotherm, was approached by an existing customer who already owned a Recotherm air handling unit that’s been going strong for 15 years.
The customer was carrying out various refurbishments to his pool hall and wanted to discuss improvements in fan technology and controls that could be accessed over the internet for his AHU, but the fact was, his existing unit was working well with the space as a pool.
The customer’s main problem was that he had a moving floor to the pool and he likes to use the area as a gym when the floor is up, and the space, being heavily glazed, gets very hot in the summer. It was then, the Recotherm knew exactly what he needed – the company’s new Aerum unit and it’s substantial cooling capabilities.

The Aerum unit, which was recently launched at the recent SPATEX exhibition, operates just like the Aeris unit in terms of dehumidification. But instead of being connected to a boiler it is connected to an air source heat pump. Where this helps the client is that the unit can operate as an air conditioning unit suppling cool air in the summer, so that he can work out in comfort, but switch to suppling warm air if he wants to swim afterwards.
This unfortunately will mean him saying goodbye to his trusted old unit but we have offered to give it a good home in our offices, to demonstrate to visiting clients just how good an old unit can look if built to last.