JEANNIE AND CHRIS met as colleagues in the electric motor repair industry and have now launched their own business.

Pool pump service makes an eco-difference…

Whether your enquiry is driven by cost, supply shortages or ecological motives, Revamp, a swimming pool pump repair specialist, provides a vital service for extending the life of pool and spa pumps.
The specialist team can also resolve issues with electric pool heaters, automatic pool cover motor gearboxes and air handling fan units.
The company services all brands, both domestic and commercial, including familiar names like Sta-Rite, Hayward, Certikin Aqua-Speed, Astral, and Speck.
Revamp founders, Chris Mitchell and Jeannie Rogers, have many years’ experience in the electric motor repair industry. They formed Revamp Electric Motor Repairs Limited (Revamp) in July 2020 operating from purpose-built premises in the New Forest.
“The very nature of what we do at Revamp is eco driven,” explains Jeannie. “As well as environmental considerations, it is often more economical to repair rather than replace, particularly with the cost of good quality pool pumps being on the rise,” she points out.
“Revamp’s skill is in repairing rather than replacing,” she continues. “Often this will go beyond our core activities and can sometimes involve re-machining and repairing stainless steel shafts. Simply to avoid replacement.
All motors and pumps are dismantled and cleaned. Bearings, seals, gaskets, and capacitors renewed. If a motor has to be rewound, the old copper materials are recycled as are all replaced metal parts.

CHRIS MITCHELL offers nearly three decades of specialist swimming pool pump experience through his company Revamp.

Revamp holds the majority of spare parts in stock which helps them to provide a quick turnaround. All pumps are wet tested for several hours in a test tank before being returned. All motors are repainted to give a fresh appearance and all work is guaranteed.
A typical swimming pool pump service, would take a couple of days and a complete overhaul and rewind would normally take three days but Revamp can accommodate emergency repairs.
“We are able to supply new pumps but we prefer to provide a reliable, durable service which gives a much longer life span for the pump,” says Jeannie. “If we do need to replace, we avoid many of the cheaper pumps available as they are not durable and are prone to failure, requiring disposal in a short space of time which is contrary to our ethos.”
Customers are increasingly opting for IntelliFlo style pumps which reduce the running cost and can have their speed and therefore flow rates altered via the inverter on top of the pump. These pumps are costly to buy but have long term benefits and again can be serviced cost effectively.
“Although our skill in rewinding and repairing motors is an old and traditional one, we are a progressive company striving to seek new technologies and solutions that can improve our customer’s experience of running electric motors and pumps in a more efficient way.”

Chris Mitchell, the company’s talented engineer, has been repairing motors, pumps, fan units, and the like, for about 27 years. He has been immersed with the swimming pool sector, specialising in all types of pool pumps, counter current pumps, hot tub pumps that required attention either in the workshop or removal on site.
“I received excellent training from Southern Pools/Rewinds and gained the experience and ability that have forged my career in service and repair engineering with electric motors, pumps and generators,” says Chris.
“Individuals to large companies seek our advice and guidance with problems which could be, a spa blower from a hotel, or a pool pump from the local pool service engineers,” he explains. “Faults can vary from noise related issues, leaks, or burnt-out motors,” he adds.
If you are thinking of replacing a pump, please give Revamp a call first to explore what alternatives they can offer.

Revamp Electric Motor Repairs
Tel. 07821 555723