Retail Therapy

Multi-award winning retailers like Home Counties (Horsham) maximise the potential of added value sales with busy and attractive shop displays.

Switched-on businesses look to maximise the spending value of every customer contact. Every visit to a pool and spa showroom or leisure pool venue presents an opportunity to attract added value sales.

Every contact, from telephone calls, to website click to e-shots presents a window to mention a new product promotion. Every home installation or service visit is a platform to promote additional products and services and increase sales.

Visits are the top tier on the cake when it comes to adding value to sales. Bright, strategically placed displays and product promotions will set the tills ringing. Display your top selling products at the back of the shop and customers will be guided along a journey of added sales potential from swimming costumes to cleaning nets and poles to inflatable toys; spa filters to novelty floating ducks.

“When was the last time you left a shop without having to negotiate a barrage of tempting special offers from insurance deals to the latest aromatic perfumes, not forgetting the abundance of sweets and chocolates on display,” points out Steve Smith, national sales manager for leading water leisure supplier, Plastica.

“The latest trend is for check-out staff to not just rely on you noticing the displays but also to point out one or two products that are on ‘special promotion’,” he adds. “The same principle applies with water leisure; a well placed product and promotion will always reap rewards,” he advises.

Maximise the potential sale of inflatable toys by having products, like these BTU lilos, on display near to the cash till.

Norman Macmillan, managing director of leading accessories supplier BTU agrees: “Point of sale selling techniques pay huge dividends with some leading high street chains registering a 100% increase in sales of well-positioned products,” says Norman. “For the savvy salesperson, every customer contact presents the perfect opportunity to offer customers a vast array of added sales,” he adds.

Ian Ross of Retail Management Consultants urges pool and spa retailers to consider the importance of showroom layout and marketing methods, in order to maximise product sales.

“Product displays should always be attractive and well presented. It’s also vital to ensure that shelves are well stocked – customers hate to see gaps,” says Ian.

“Bear in mind that products sell better when offered as a package,” Ian suggests, “So carefully position relevant products near to each other within the showroom.

“Customers are far more likely to buy a selection of products for their new hot tub if they’re in sight and well presented.”

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