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The antimicrobial properties in the exclusive Microban material resist the growth of bacteria and moulds.

More than two years in development and testing, Darlly has unveiled what it confidently announces is the most advanced spa filter cartridge ever available. The antimicrobial properties in the exclusive Microban material resist the growth of bacteria and moulds. While a chlorine or bromine based sanitiser is still required to give protection against bacteria, the Darlly SilverStream will ensure a cleaner, safer and longer lasting cartridge filter.

“The SilverStream filter has been a long time in development,” says Theresa Zhang international trade manager for Darlly “Without doubt Reemay® manufactures the undisputed top-quality filtration media available in the world today,” she continues. “Our partnership with Reemay® is equal, strong and noteworthy. This is important as we develop innovative products like the SilverStream; the inclusion of Microban, which is only available to Reemay, adds real value to this ground-breaking product. “We will continue to work with Reemay® to push the boundaries of innovation, this is particularly important as the number of filter manufactures using Reemay® is reducing.”


Working with Microban antimicrobial filtration fabric from Reemay®, silver ion technology is not only incorporated into the end caps but, uniquely, into the EasyStream core of Darlly’s SilverStream spa filter range. Microban® technology is exclusively available in Reemay® filtration fabric.

It is infused into the fabric during the manufacturing process and becomes part of the molecular structure. The silver technology works continuously to provide an added level of defence that keeps your filter cleaner between cleanings to provide continuous built-in antimicrobial protection for the expected lifetime of the filter cartridge.


Hot water is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria, with filter surfaces the perfect ‘home’ for water-borne bacteria, such as Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a particularly nasty pathogen which requires:

  • water at temperature of about 37deg
  • a surface on which to live, normally within the bio-film of spa pipework or your spa filter.
Darlly SilverStream antimicrobial protection is based on silver ion technology.


Darlly SilverStream with Microban technology ensures such bacteria will not survive on the surface of the filter, or within the core or end-cap. Additionally this anti-bacterial technology will also ensure the elimination of other bacteria and mould or fungi which can often lead to stains, odours and the general filter deterioration.

Phil Moseley, for Filter4Spas, Darlly’s European distributors says:“There is a real demand for  Reemay® products with added Microban in other areas. “Darlly have taken this filtration media and applied their own sliver ion technology to provide the most advanced antimicrobial filter cartridge available” “Consistent antimicrobial protection is provided throughout the life of the SilverStream filter cartridge. “SilverStream antimicrobial technology is safe, natural and sustainable.”




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