SCP UK Consolidates Its British Supply Route

SCP BranchSCP UK has consolidated its two warehouse facilities, currently located in Basildon and Gatwick, into one main central headquarters at the Gatwick branch to better manage its supply route.

The Brexit result escalated the company’s decision to restructure and refine its inventory management and distribution within the UK.

Dash Ganeson, Managing and Finance Director at SCP UK explains: “With the new revamped organisation and through one single central warehouse, SCP UK will be able to offer more focus and efficiency in the management of the operations and distribution within the UK.

“The SCP Gatwick branch location will expand its current storage area with a total capacity of 45,000 sq ft. This will be ample space from to manage successfully our future growth and to serve the customer base.”

To grow its presence further, SCP UK will also be establishing a satellite sales office within the Basildon area and all sales personnel will relocate to this new sales office within the Eastern region.

Dash adds: “This exercise will be completed and come into effect with the expiry of the lease at the Basildon location in February 2017, in time to be well prepared for the new season.

“I strongly believe that it is the right decision to take for the long term benefit of SCP UK as a company; and it should provide renewed business opportunity to all our vendors and customers.”