Setting Pool Plant Record Straight


Since the publication of the Swimming Pool Water book by the PWTAG in November 2017, there has been some confusion with regard to the suitability of ISPE-Endorsed Pool Plant Operator training courses. The following statement has been issued by the PWTAG to try to remove some of this misunderstanding concerning training accreditation: “The 2017 edition of Swimming Pool Water recommends that pool operator training should be: ‘suitable and sufficient’ and should be accredited by the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG). “Accreditation shows that the training meets the requirements of the Code of Practice. To clarify, training that is to the same standard as PWTAG’s, but is not formally endorsed by PWTAG, may also be suitable and sufficient. “In such circumstances, pool managers should satisfy themselves that the training provided incorporates the information in PWTAG’s training syllabus. It can of course include additional material.”

While the PWTAG may recommend that all pool operator training for (public) pools be PWTAG-accredited, there are a number of other well-established training providers that are suitably experienced in delivering pool plant operator training that are not PWTAG accredited and are not required to be so. This was confirmed in answer to a question at the CIMSPA Conference in Kenilworth, in February this year, when an HSE speaker replied: “Training does not have to be PWTAG-accredited.”pool plant record image 2

ISPE-endorsed pool plant operator training providers are:
• Studies in Work
• PALM Academy
• Flowman Leisure
• Leisure Safety Training

All of these training providers have confirmed to the ISPE Council of Management that their training is kept up-to-date and is amended, as required, on a continuous basis, to reflect lead body guidance and new Regulations and Standards that are introduced, including but not limited to, the new PWTAG CoP and the new PWTAG book. Therefore, all ISPE-endorsed pool plant operator training can be recommended to meet pool plant training needs and keep pools compliant with current guidelines.