Slow Burners

The Certikin range of liners has seven pattern options and eight solid colour options with complementing anti-slip materials for steps and slopes.

It’s a case of slow and steady wins the race when it comes to onsite pool linings.

Offering unlimited flexibility and value for money, site liners have seen steady growth in the UK market since they were first introduced 30 years ago. With an estimated 500 pools lined using the system each year, it seems that this once slow burning trend is taking off.

“Installations of onsite lining is a growing part of the lining market, as more clients become aware of the benefits and value for money,” says John Bartlet of Renolit. “With many suppliers now offering an installation service, pool companies can be earning money elsewhere at the same time as they earn money from the installation we complete on their behalf.”

“We have found that the market for site lining has remained steady even during the recent economic downturn as the type of pool owners and operators still have the funds available to carry out the work,” agrees Patrick Devaney of leading water leisure supplier Plastica. “This year demand is even higher – we have a full order book and quotes are at a three year high for this time of year,” he adds.

Traditionally a product for the commercial pool sector, the increase in availability of colours and designs has opened up the residential market, with more swimming pool companies offering the system as a preferable and more flexible alternative to conventional pool finishes. In terms of cost comparison, a site lining usually falls between cheaper options such as paint and thinner, bag style, liners and more expensive options such as tiling or spray applied products.

On-site liners like this Alkorplan from Pollet Pool Group are seeing steady growth in the UK

Consequently, it is often seen as excellent value for money, advises Neil Stephenson, manager of Certikin North: “As a commercial grade material, the longevity of the product when compared to thinner linings or paints, is a major advantage.

“The range of colours and patterns mean that a tile effect can be re-created and areas of contrasting colour can easily be added at what is usually a fraction of the price of a fully tiled pool,” adds Neil.

Versatility is a key benefit of on-site lining. The installation process involves taking heavy duty vinyl to site and cutting, shaping and heat welding it, resulting in a perfectly fitted lining to the pool shell. This adaptability means that it can be applied to almost any pool situation, regardless of shape or construction.

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