Speedy Construction Makes Home Pool Build Sense

swimming pool built by Orbro Reed Solid Pool method
APS UK is one of the first UK companies to switch on to the potential of the Solid Pool system.

With margins being squeezed and smart thinking companies looking to minimise overheads, panel pool systems like the Solid Pool are looking increasingly attractive for hard-pressed residential pool builders.
Just two people can construct a 10m x 5m Solid Pool in just a couple of days compared with weeks for traditional pool construction methods.
The Solid Pool system comes with simplified pipe work which cuts down the need for specialist technical knowledge on site. For instance, there is no need to render the pool. Add into the
equation, ease of access to site, the ability to cut and shape easily and their lightweight manoeuvrability and you have a winning formula.
Comparatively new to the UK, the Solid Pool system has been in use for nearly a decade in other parts of the world with up to 1500 pool installations being completed every year. Now profitsavvy
UK builders are switching on to the benefits of Solid Pool. Companies like APS UK that has just finished a Solid Pool project
in Banstead, Surrey. “We opted for the Solid Pool because the block system allows for bespoke pool construction to the customer’s requirements,” says Peter Taylor of APS UK.
“The Solid Pool system is so much easier for the builder to use than conventional breeze blocks yet they are suitable for any type
of finish such as tiles or liner or reinforced PVC,” he adds.“This was particularly useful on this difficult to access site and saved us a
huge amount of time, let alone money.”

The 30’ x 15’ pool in a suburban location was fully tiled and finished with an Oase automatic pool cover. Equipment included
an X-Stream swim jet, ESPA pump and filter and a Puronizer. “I was not nervous about being one of the first pool builders
in the UK to use this system because it has been used on literally thousands of pools in Europe,” Peter says. “The principle is still the same but the time and margins, definitely are not,” he adds.
Ideal for pool and spa construction for a professional build or self-build, the Solid Pool system has already been exhibited to great
acclaim at high profile consumer shows such as Grand Designs. The system will be on display at Brighton’s SPATEX exhibition in
February but is available instantly through UK distributors, Orbro Reed.
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