Mental Health
Caption: Two Charities are working together to promote the benefit of swimming on mental health.

Research, commissioned by Swim England, has shown that almost half a million (492,000) British adults have reduced, or no longer take, medication for their mental health condition as a result of swimming. Swim England and Mind are working together to promote the benefits swimming can offer to people experiencing a mental health problem. As part of the Get Set to Go campaign, the two charities will also be educating the swimming workforce and facility staff on mental health.

Duane Newton, Swim England Health and Wellbeing Manager, said: “Everyone will be affected by poor mental health at some point in their lives. “People respond to these challenges in many different ways. Swimming is one of those activities that allows people to take part in the way that suits them. “This might be taking some time to relax on your own, or train hard with friends. Swimming offers so many options that really can help everyone. “We have always worked closely with Mind and are looking forward to increasing awareness of swimming and its mental health benefits to a wider audience.” Get Set to Go helps people find the physical activity that is right for them, so they are able to enjoy the physical, social and mental benefits of being active.

Hayley Jarvis, Head of Physical Activity for Mind, said: “We know that physical activity can play a vital role in the lives of people with mental health problems. “It can reduce the risk of depression by up to 30 per cent and can improve a person’s resilience and ability to cope.
“Unfortunately, we also know that many people who do want to be more active are being held back by their mental health, whether that’s feelings of low self-confidence, exhaustion or fear of crowded spaces. “That is why we’re delighted to be partnering with Swim England to ensure more people with mental health problems feel welcomed and supported to get active. “We also look forward to working alongside Swim England, Sport England and other partners in the sector to promote the benefits of swimming for people with mental health problems through the We Are Undefeatable campaign.” Fact sheets, produced in conjunction with Mind, have also been published to offer expert advice and support for people with a mental health problem who might be thinking about swimming.