Tailor Made

No unsightly tracks or bars to detract from the outstanding pool design of projects like this Portrait Pools pool featuring an Ocea cover.

The ability to cover bespoke designed swimming pools, that do not fit the standard rectangular mould, is one of the driving factors fuelling unprecedented interest in slatted pool covers.

Add to that uncompromised visual impact, with a kaleidoscope of colour options, solar gain to boost energy efficiency, while at the same time improving safety and you have yourself a winning formula.

“The popularity of slatted covers is increasing for a number of reasons not just because of energy efficiency, as ease of maintenance and water quality — but mostly because of the design capability to cope with unique pool designs on an individual basis which particularly suits the UK market,” confirms Alan Thorne of Ocea brand that is currently supplying 2,000 covers annually throughout Europe.

A recent change of ownership has seen the manufacture of bespoke slatted Ocea covers move to the UK with a simplified choice of top quality motors and systems for more efficient but more cost-effective solutions.

tailor 2
A kaleidoscope of colour options from suppliers such as Ocea are enhancing swimming pool design.

“Slatted covers not only enhance the look of a pool but when the pool is in use, they slide effortlessly away out of sight into a wall, underground pit or bespoke housing,” says Alan. “Because each slat cover is different, they are all custom built in the factory.“ One of the fundamental requirements for using slatted covers is that each pool project demands top drawer attention to detail on both design and construction.

The individual slats are manufactured to different lengths and contours so that when they are deployed, they can cover pools of almost any shape without the need for ugly tracks or side bars.

“That requires detailed communication and understanding between the pool builder and their manufacturer so the cover can be built to fit the pool exactly,” says Alan. “It also means builders must build the pools and the vaults containing the covers to precise tolerances.

“Because these covers are significantly more expensive than more typical, purely rectangular products, they are clearly not for every client or every project.” The growing demand for high end pool finishes has suited other suppliers such as Roldeck, made in Holland and distributed in the UK exclusively by Certikin.

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