Taking Control

Switched on commercial pool operators embracing our solution to recover and reuse energy with modern 21st century environmental control systems.
Switched on commercial pool operators embracing our solution to recover and reuse energy with modern 21st century environmental control systems.

A typical six-lane, 25 metre indoor swimming pool will lose the equivalent of a bath full of water in evaporation every two hours. That is the same as an average village pond every week or the entire water content of ten, 25m school swimming pools every year.

Just like boiling a kettle, the energy consumption associated with all this evaporation amounts to 44kW every two hours which is extremely bad news for running costs and catastrophic for the planet’s dwindling natural resources. Commercial pool operators are increasingly turning to Calorex to recover and reuse the latent energy that evaporates from swimming pool water with their 21st century range of environmental control systems.

Simple yet sophisticated, our intelligent cruise control for pools gives wet leisure operators the optimum in energy recovery. Calorex systems recover latent heat with consummate ease. The moisture-laden air is in intimate contact with a surface that is below its dew-point. The longer the contact period, the higher the moisture removal and the greater the energy recovery. As moisture in the air stream condenses on the cold heat exchanger surface, it surrenders heat into the refrigeration circuit which can then be reused wherever it is needed most.

It is important to remember, the pool water will always demand energy to maintain its temperature regardless of the season, whilst plate recuperators are totally unable to provide any of the water heating requirements. When using gas boilers for primary heating, Calorex provide savings against fresh air ventilation systems of up to 20% with respective carbon savings of 25%. Using the same scenario but with oil boilers to provide primary heat, the savings are as high as 33% with carbon emission savings of 38%.

for the occasional swimming pool application. When units intended for general office use are modified for pools, they are not only far less efficient, but never being designed for pool environments, often give shortened operation life. These high-tech systems are designed to simultaneously monitor and control humidity, air quality and air and water temperatures, all within a self-contained packaged air handling unit.

Ideally, swimming pool environmental systems will recover both the latent heat lost by the pool due to evaporation as well as the sensible energy in the pool hall air. Plate recuperators can only return about 70% of the sensible energy to the air in winter, dropping to almost zero when external air temperatures are high. By contrast, Calorex units can return both the sensible and latent energy to either the pool hall air or pool water, all year round. This is just one of the unique features of Calorex, minimising the pool heating requirement all year round.

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