The Family Factor

report on families influence on public swimming pools
Families hold the key to the success of public swimming pools, Hippo Leisure research has confirmed

Families hold the key to the success of public swimming pools, a recent report has confirmed. The research, undertaken by leading interactive play supplier, Hippo Leisure, warns that leisure pools that do not provide for the family market will lose out to those centres that are more willing to invest.
Important factors in attracting families to use swimming pools are upgrading changing rooms and the physical appearance of the centre, the report emphasises. It also highlights the impact interactive pool play equipment has on attracting and retaining the family customer; to encourage water confidence and swimming in young children of all ages and abilities.
“The report gives us a better understanding of what key customers are looking for that will provide leisure centres with not just sustained but increased revenue,” says Claire Mollet of Hippo Leisure.
“It also shows how interactive play equipment will encourage families to use centres on a regular basis therefore increasing customer loyalty and gaining new customers from farther afield.”
Hippo is a market leader in interactive play equipment suitable for toddlers to pre-teens with play ranges that consider both the needs of the pool operator and the end user. Centres that purchase and use interactive, low maintenance, play equipment will stand to gain the most.

Hippo was not surprised that 100% of managers stated that families are the main users of leisure centre swimming pools thus generating the largest amount of income. Senior citizens, students, swim clubs and disabled groups only accounted for a small proportion of the customer base of leisure centres.

Claire explains: “For those leisure centres not attracting a large family customer base it is essential that they increase their investment focus in the family market tor the biggest rewards.
“Families have become the main users of leisure facilities because they like to share physical activities such as swimming to build bonds and create a healthier family lifestyle.
“Repeat business should be generated amongst this group by attracting and retaining them with interactive play equipment,” Claire points out.
Hippo undertook its research in May and June last year when managers, parents and children were asked to complete questionnaires at a cross section of leisure centres.

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