Top Performers Are Squeaky Clean

Specifically designed to provide a deep clean for residential swimming pools, while keeping maintenance to a minimum, top of the range robotic cleaners are a must-have for any home pool owner.

Investing in a quality product will leave the pool floor clean of dirt and algae and the pool water sparkling clean.

There are many domestic pool cleaners on the market to choose from so it’s important to select the right machine to meet the requirements of the pool. Here are our top picks from some of the UK’s leading suppliers…

One For All
DolphinE10.2015The lightweight Dolphin E10 is ideal for all types of small pools, including above-ground pools. Forget about scrubbing the floor and scooping out leaves and dirt – the Dolphin E 10 robotic pool cleaner does it all for you, automatically.

Certikin International
Tel. 01993 778855


Lightweight Design
max 1The new Max1 is one of the lightest cleaners on the market and removes all dirt from the bottom of the pool with maximum comfort thanks to the top access filters and the easy view windows, which easily allow the user to check if the filter needs to be cleaned.

AstralPool UK
Tel. 01329 514000


Maximum Efficiency
PIRANHA ULTRA TOPPiranha Ultra Top scrubs and vacuums out debris off the floor, walls and even grime along the waterline. In order to improve navigation and to maximise efficiency, Piranha added the GYRO System, which has similar function with electronic gyroscopes found inside latest generation of communication devices.

Pollet Pool Group
Tel. 01635 234038


Plug And Play
Tiger SharkThe Tigershark’s efficient cleaning pattern covers the entire pool – including the floor and walls, all the way to the tile line. Easy to use, the Tigershark requires no installation or attachments – simply lower in and turn it on.

Bosta UK
Tel. 01284 716580


Very Affordable
DOLPHIN POOLSTYLESpecifically manufactured by Maytronics for SCP Europe, the Dolphin Poolstyle is an entry level Robotic Cleaner. Focusing on small pools including above ground pools the Dolphin Poolstyle cleans the floor with ease.

Tel. 01293 546126