Vital Back Up for Pool Building Trade

Sprayed concrete Solutions wants to hear from swimmng pool contractors looking to rquire a fast but reliable pool shell construction service iwth insurance-bcked guarantees.

Having over 25 years experience in the swimming pool construction industry, David Bland and Andrew Rutherford have recently launched Sprayed Concrete Solutions Limited.

The pair has confirmed that after a ten year commitment, they have broken away from Sprayed Concrete Services Ltd. Instead, they will be providing a completely new service under the new company name offering vital back up to the pool building trade with:

• Sprayed concrete swimming pool shells

• Traditional shuttered & poured swimming pool shells to BS EN 1992-3:2006 (Caltite)

• Contiguous pile overlay

• Water retaining structures

• Slope stabilisation

• Basements

• Concrete strengthening

• Concrete repairs

Moving forward the new company will offer the same but fully professional services, but with the additional option of a Caltite concrete service – that is particularly ideal for use in basement pool applications and pools incorporating elements of the pool hall structure for flush feature walls.

“After 10 years of trading both Andrew and I felt we had helped Sprayed Concrete Services as far we were able,” confirms David Bland. “We now have total control over key decision-making and vitally, quality control with no compromises,” David adds. “We now feel we have a company that puts the customer first and foremost – a philosophy that has served us very well with Portrait Pools,” said David.

The Sprayed Concrete Solutions team is keen to hear from like-minded swimming pool contractors that require a fast, efficient quality pool shell construction company with insurance-backed guarantees.

Sprayed Concrete Solutions Limited

 Tel. +44 (0)1704 539875