Water Savings For Hotel Group

Water Savings For Hotel GroupWorld Leisure (UK) Ltd is set to reduce water consumption at four pools in the Village Hotel group by an estimated 1.4 km3 (1,388m3) per year, providing significant water bill savings annually across the sites. The use of regenerative media systems, fitted in Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Portsmouth, still meet PWTAG (Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group) guidance but save water by eliminating the need to backwash. “Comparatively, the regenerative filters incorporate about ten times the filter area of a similar-sized sand filter and the particles removed from the water are retained on the surface of fabric covered flex tubes,” explains World Leisure managing director Simon Smith. “With the regenerative filters, simply emptying the vessel releases the particles collected during the filter cycle.” Simon adds: “A further benefit of regenerative filters is the space saving, reducing construction costs on new builds and easing retrofitting on existing plantrooms.”

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