Welsh Team First Past BPR Post

welsh team first past bprNow a compulsory requirement in the supply of water treatment products, The Health and Safety Executive has issued its first Biocidal Product Regulations authorisation for a swimming pool algaecide. Water Treatment Products (WTP) has announced the successful authorisation of its premier range of swimming pool algaecides. At the time of going to print, WTP is the only company to have been issued with a product authorisation number for a biocide in the swimming pool industry. WTP Algaecide dossier gained authorisation in June for Product Type 2 (PT2) application; authorisation number: UK-2018-1126; a 10-year approval from the HSE.

Brands currently manufactured and distributed by WTP impacted by this BPR authorisation are…
• Klearpool Long Life Copper Algaecide
• Pro-Swim Long Life Algaecide
• Summerguard
• Winterguard
• Longlife Algaecide

James Lee, Managing Director Leisure Division commented: “This is very exciting news not only for Water Treatment Products but also for the industry. Since the introduction of the Biocidal Product Regulations on 1st September 2015 the industry has seen a step change in attitude towards biocides in the swimming pool industry.”