Winners And Losers At Welsh Pool

Winners and losersA new school swimming initiative has been slammed by adults who have been banned from using the facilities at the same time. Conwy County Borough Councils leisure service school has introduced the initiative, aiming to ensure that every child leaving primary school by 2020 can swim.

However, the pilot scheme at Llandudno Swimming Centre means that members of the public will not be able to use the pool at the same time. Llandudno Pool is closed to the public every morning until the end of May to enable the swimming lesson programme to be expanded. Osian Williams, Conwy Council’s principal PE and sport officer, said: “This pilot scheme will result in significantly larger swimming class sizes and as a consequence, the swimming centre timetable will need to be amended.

“The increase in class sizes also adds to the safeguarding responsibilities and as such the centre will be unable to operate the school lesson programme alongside general public access.”