Zeoclere Media Is A Clear Pollet Winner

zeoclere media
Pollet divisional manager, Carl Porter, has introduced Zeoclere to the product line because he knows it will cut costs for customers.

The UK arm of the international Pollet Pool Group is making Zeoclere-30 filtration media available to commercial and residential pool customers throughout the UK.

Carl Porter, who joined Pollet as divisional manager of the Newbury operation last year introduced Zeoclere to the product line because he is aware that it far outperforms traditional filter mediums by reducing water usage and cuts heat and chemical wastage, which all lead to savings for customers.

Carl said: “Customers seek the most cost-efficient products to maintain their pools and cost-savings become even more pertinent during recessionary times.”

Zeoclere30 has been designed specifically for high pressure filters and has a proven track record of delivering water clarity that is 60% better than accepted sand standards.

Porter continued: “Zeoclere has been successful in the UK market for over 20 years and continues to attract attention not only because of the improved water quality but the considerable financial savings that it generates.

“We’ve been offering the product for a year and, based on customer feedback, we expect it to become a best-seller.

Customers appreciate that the higher upfront cost for Zeoclere, compared to sand, is offset by savings linked to performance and this quickly leads to a net gain.”

The Pollet Pool Group consists of subsidiaries across Europe, and the UK is leading the way with the introduction of Zeoclere-30, which is supplied by MSI.

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