International Presence Consolidated

Tracing its international roots back to the Sixties, Certikin is spreading its business into India and the Middle East.

UK-based, Certikin International can trace its export
roots back to the Sixties.
The company now boasts a presence in 50 countries
globally, largely known for its own branded equipment
suitable for all wet leisure applications from domestic
through to commercial and Olympic sized pools.
It was as recently as 2005 that Certikin Ibérica
opened in Spain as the first overseas branch of
Certikin. It was quickly followed by Certikin France and
Certikin Italy. Certikin India was opened in 2008 and
most recently Certikin Middle East, based in Jebel Ali
Free Zone, Dubai, started trading in mid-2010.
“Selling against local manufacturers is sometimes
difficult when you are a foreign company,” says Jo
Ainsworth, Certikin’s International Business Manager
who works on overseas markets with Jon Maskell who
is Certikin’s representative in Dubai and Muthu in India and Ken
Williams, who is European Sales Manager.
“Certikin has always had an export department but it is
only within the past four to five years that we have looked to
consolidate our international presence by establishing local
companies in strategic overseas locations,” Jo explains.
“Our integration into the multinational Fluidra group of
companies in 2005 provided Certikin Export with the opportunity
to expand activities beyond our historical UK base.”
Certikin’s recently opened office and 500m2 warehouse in
Dubai is intended to provide a strategic platform for business
growth throughout the region.
“We’re hoping to further develop our existing business in
India,” Jo adds. “At almost a third of the size of the USA, India
covers a huge geographical area and so we are currently looking
at opening regional branches in addition to our headquarters in
Bangalore to better serve this market.
Jo adds: “I am currently looking at several other regions in Asia
as potential candidates for future growth potential so watch this
Certikin International
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