THE MOSAIC SPA and One Pool pictured at the recent UK Pool & Spa Awards.
THE MOSAIC SPA and One Pool pictured at the recent UK Pool & Spa Awards.

The Mosaic Spa and One Pool is a UK-based company that has seen exponential manufacturing growth in both spas and its signature one-piece pool, The One Pool. As a direct result, the company has acquired an additional 12,000 ft2 of space at their site in York, chiefly to accommodate the influx of pools and spas that they are manufacturing and supplying to the UK, Europe and to the United States.

Mosaic Spa and One Pool has a large dealer network throughout the United States and Europe and continue to supply pools and spas whilst growing this network and expanding their range of award-winning products.

The company is building a growing reputation for the provision of a quality level of bespoke mosaic tiled spas and pools. The product range consists of a stunning range of spas, skimmer spas, ice baths, deck-level spas, hydrotherapy spas, plunge pools, vitality spas and swim spas.

The revolutionary and award winning One Pool is as simple as excavating a hole, installing a concrete slab then simply dropping it in to place to be installed. This dramatically reduces the total time of the project whilst maintaining the quality and finish of a mosaic tiled swimming pool.

The One Pool comes with stainless steel finishes as standard and a vast tile range, creating the perfect pool to match your desired aesthetic will be as easy as the install. This one-piece pool is perfect for adding the elegance of a full-length mosaic tiled pool without all the effort and comes with a plethora of additions and optional extras such as integrated pool covers and counter current units. The composite technology used to construct The One Pool has been developed within our UK based factory to ensure unparalleled strength in the structure and imperviable insulation to regulate temperature.

Mosaic Spa and One Pool
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