In conversation with Andy Wroot, UK champion of Sundance Spas…

ANDY AND LAURA WROOT were named UK Pool & Spa Awards Spa Retailers Of The Year in 2022.

It was way back in 1998 when Andy Wroot’s journey with Sundance Spas began when he joined his uncle who was one of the pioneering Sundance dealers in the UK. Fresh out of school as an 18-year-old, Andy was immediately captivated by selling these luxury hot tubs.

“Over the years my passion for Sundance only deepened, as I witnessed their technological prowess and superior quality in the market,” Andy recalls. “Sundance Spas retailers certainly have a range of products that offer unique technology that make owning and using a hot tub a fantastic experience; he continues.

“Having Sundance Spas in your range certainly offers people a brand that is reputable globally, with impressive and unique technologies that make sense to prospective buyers. Selling Sundance can help drive higher average sales value and profitability.”

MORE THAN 25 YEARS on, Andy’s commitment and loyalty to the Sundance brand is stronger than ever.

MySpa are also now distributing Swim Life swim spas in the UK. This outstanding range of swim spas built in the Hydropool factory utilises some awesome technology which deliver a effective workout for swimmers of all abilities, as well as fun pools to splash around or enjoy aquatic exercise in.

This gives MySpa a comprehensive range to offer any swimming pool or spa company looking to compete at the higher end of the market. “Now that we are the exclusive UK distributors of Sundance Spas we are looking to grow the network to make sure that each area is being serviced by a well-trained authorised dealership, providing customers with the best Sundance experience from sales to aftercare.”

As well as MySpa’s three stores in Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Cheshire, long-serving Sundance retailer UK Hot Tubs on the South coast and Honiton Spas in Devon, have already been joined by The Small Pool Company in the Channel Islands, Hyperion Hot Tubs in Dorset, Platinum Hot Tubs in Essex and Hot Tubs Rock in Gloucestershire. “We are also in discussions with other established hot tub and swim spa specialists,” Andy confirms.

SUNDANCE SPAS has remained the cornerstone of MySpa’s dedication to providing top-tier products and services.

There are still opportunities in large areas of England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland where we are actively looking for the right partners. To find the right partners in each location we are first-of-all looking for companies with a strong team we can work with and support, who are driven and also customer service orientated.

MySpa are aiming to cultivate a network of well-trained authorised dealerships, nationwide. An engaging website and active marketing efforts are important to ensure the range is reaching all of the target audience in any area, something we are actively helping existing dealers with already.

An in-house graphic designer and web developer is on hand to create assets for point of sale, websites, social media platforms, and also to advise on website improvements, helping to create a co-ordinated marketing campaign tailored to each company. The aim is to generate a strong online presence for Sundance Spas and Swim Life swim spas showrooms around the country and maximise sales.

A well presented indoor or outdoor showroom is essential with good wet test facilities available, and in order to provide customers with the right amount of choice, MySpa are looking for a commitment of at least five models from the Sundance ranges on display.

Hot tub industry experience is important, but with more than 25 years experience MySpa we can certainly add value in terms of support, coaching and training where needed. “Selling a premium product line works best when the showroom has a luxurious look and feel to them ,” Andy elaborates.

“Most important though is the company’s desire to provide a first class ‘Sundance Spas’ customer experience throughout the whole process from first enquiry to installation and aftercare. “Dealerships will be given an area where we will guarantee not to open another showroom within a certain radius, determined by the location in the country.”

WITH SHOWROOMS in Leicestershire, Derbyshire and Cheshire, MySpa is in a unique position to preach what it practises.

With their own retail stores and first-hand understanding of the UK hot tub market, MySpa are uniquely positioned to offer comprehensive support to our partners. Looking ahead to 2024, the MySpa team is excited to introduce three new ranges, poised to invigorate the market with fresh, innovative offerings.

Their online ordering portal streamlines the purchasing process, and provides quick and seamless access to warranty registration and the ability to download warranty documents and technical owners manuals. Access to the portal can also have customised access to pricing, enabling dealerships to have unique logins for each member of their team.

Training opportunities, including factory-supported sessions and personalised coaching, ensure our dealers are equipped to excel in their areas, with our team also readily available to provide technical, sales, and marketing support all year round. Andy will be providing both one to one and group training, either off site at the dealers location, or in one of their own showrooms, tailored to the specific requirements of the dealership.

Andy has been successfully training sales people for many years to sell Sundance Spas, based on his own method and experience gained over quarter of a century selling Sundance in the UK. There is also a factory online training platform with various modules for sales personnel to work through and up-skill to achieve maximum results on the shop floor.

SUNDANCE INNOVATIONS from Fluidix jet technology to MicroClean filtration, have consistently elevated the ownership experience.

A dealer conference is planned for later this year in the Midlands where lots of guest trainers and speakers with invaluable expertise will be presenting and offering ongoing opportunities for personal development. MySpa will be able to show more of the new 2024 models, celebrate wins and share plans for further development of the spa and swimspa range for 2025.

“We are very clear that we want our three retail showrooms to be used to benefit the dealer network we are creating,” explains Andy. “We feel that they offer us a unique insight into the front line of UK hot tub and swim spa sales, and over the last 15 years we have faced the challenges a retailer faces and found ways to not only cope but build a strong business.

“It’s that insight we aim to share with our partners nationwide, and our showrooms allow us to test and measure new ideas to help each business grow.” MySpa showrooms are always available for dealers to use if they don’t have at their own showrooms.

“Where a sale is made in store outside of our own immediate locality, the full dealer margin and responsibility for installation and aftercare will be passed on to the local dealer in full,” Andy clarifies and emphasises: “The success of MySpa Distribution depends on helping our dealer network to be successful and our entire team are working to that end.”

Andy has experienced life in the distribution lane during his time working for the original Sundance distributors between 2003 and 2008, gaining a good understanding of the different challenges we will face. Working alongside the Jacuzzi Group worldwide however, the MySpa team has a great wealth of knowledge and expertise to draw support from.

SUNDANCE SPAS is one of the most sought-after and best-selling brands in the world.

“Ultimately this is something I have worked towards for most of my career and am thoroughly enjoying working with new dealerships around the country and putting our ideas to the test,” Andy reflects. “As we embark on this new chapter as distributors, we’re grateful for the opportunity to drive Sundance’s growth in the UK market.

“With the addition of Swim Life swim spas and plans for further expansion into wellness and lifestyle products, we’re poised for an exciting future. “Amidst economic fluctuations, we believe 2024 holds promise for those with the right products and support systems in place.

“Sales and enquiries have been really encouraging in the first quarter of 2024, and we’re eager to collaborate with like-minded partners who share our vision for success. “ To learn more about partnering with MySpa, feel free to reach out to Andy or Laura Wroot.

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THE SUNDANCE RANGE is made up of four main series with the flagship 880 Series being the most well-known globally.