All In A Day’s Work For Colin

A landmark year for Colin Day as he is made a Fellow of the Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers.
A landmark year for Colin Day as he is made a Fellow of the Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers.

The Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers recently awarded its highest honour of a Fellowship to Lovibond Tintometer’s Colin Day.

John Cheek, the new president of ISPE told members at the recent Hemel Hempstead seminar: “Fellowships are within the gift of the council and may be awarded to individuals for their contribution to the industry.

“Colin has been a member of the Institute for a long time; given help and advice to members and students and presented a number of papers and numerous technical articles as well as answering questions put to him by institute office.”

At the annual ISPE prize-giving, John confirmed that 36 students sat level one exams.

Seven of the 17 successful technicians were present to collect their awards: • Darren Bright • Michael Coyle • Lesley Hipkiss • Matt Newson • Mel Spencer • Peter Turnbull • Kieran Yeats

The Gartside Cup for the student of year; for the highest overall marks in the examinations was presented to Michael Coyle. The Jim Johnston Filtration Shield for the best technical paper or seminar presentation, on the subject of filtration, or to student that submits best examination paper on the subject, was awarded for an ‘excellent filtration examination paper; to Darren Bright. The John Asher Cup for an outstanding exam paper on subject of construction will be presented at a later date.

The 111th One-Day Seminar at The Watermill Hotel, near Hemel Hempstead, began with a sponsored presentation on the range of EJ Bowman heat exchangers for the swimming pool industry by Bowman’s Tony Carter. The meeting went on to hear an informed presentation on Selecting Grilles and Air Terminal Devices for Swimming Pool Air Distribution ~ Two Mains Drains and Beyond which was followed by a strong debate. Members were then asked to consider ‘The Legal Implications of What Happens When it Goes Wrong’ followed by a look at Legionnaires’ and Microbiological Testing. The 112th ISPE seminar took place in November at The Walton Park Hotel, in Clevedon, North Somerset.

The Seminar programme covered: • Developments in Pool Lighting • The New Pool Plant Operator National Occupational Standards (NOS) • Leak Detection • Flocculation/Coagulation -What’s The Difference? • Cryptosporidium Parvum & Giardia Lamblia: A Growing Threat

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