POOL AND SPA ENGINEERS can now apply for a new category CSCS card

The UK-PHMES CSCS Registration Scheme is run by the Joint Industry Board for Plumbing Mechanical and Engineering Services in England and Wales (JIB-PMES). The card shows site managers, employers and other tradespeople that the card holder is qualified for the work they are doing and has passed an appropriate Health & Safety Test. Registration cards are becoming essential for all tradespeople working in the plumbing industry. Following a recent change in how cards for PMES related occupations are issued, the JIB-PMES has introduced a specific CSCS Related Occupation card category for Swimming Pool and Leisure System Installers.

Any applicant who can demonstrate successful completion of the ISPE Home Study Course will meet the eligibility criteria for the above card. Applicants who can demonstrate current membership of ISPE (i.e. who meet the ‘Certified Technician’ criteria ‘TnISPE(Cert.)’ or full membership ‘MISPE’ will also meet the eligibility criteria

“This will give enormous additional value to Institute members, especially those who work on site,” says ISPE Company Secretary, Chris Carr, FISPE.


APPLICANTS WHO CAN DEMONSTRATE current membership of ISPE will meet the eligibility criteria.

“Company owners/employers will see the extra value of ISPE membership and the ISPE Home Study Course,” he adds. The new PMES card category, ‘Swimming Pool and Leisure Systems Installer’ (Blue card) is intended for those whose work includes the installation, servicing and maintenance of swimming pools, saunas/steam rooms and hot tubs. Applicants must also have passed a valid Heath, Safety and Environment test. While CSCS cards are not a legal requirement and employers and contractors are not legally bound to insist on an employee to have one to access the site, they are becoming a commonplace requirement among major contractors. It is, therefore, in your interests to have a CSCS card if you want to work in construction as it will open up more employment opportunities. A CSCS card is evidence of your competence as a construction worker to potential employers and you will notice that the majority of job advertisements state that being in a possession of CSCS card is a key requirement. A CSCS card lasts for five years, after which time it will need to be renewed. If, after five years, you are at the same level as the card you have then the renewal process is straightforward and you will just need a replacement card. If your occupation or skill level has changed since applying for your last card you will be required to provide the appropriate evidence of your qualifications in order to qualify for a different CSCS card.

Applicants may apply for the new card, and further details are available on the JIB PMES website

BLUE CARD FOR PE 2=3The Institute of Swimming Pool Engineers was established in 1978 for individual members and sets out to:
• Engage in the education and training of persons within all sectors of the swimming pool industry
• Foster a professional approach to the design, installation and maintenance of swimming pools, enclosures and all ancillary equipment.
• Promote unrestricted co-operation and liaison between all persons actively involved in the industry and its allied professions and trades
• Engage in the education and training of persons within all sectors of the swimming pool industry
• Give recognition to technical skill and ability.
• Provide opportunities for association and interchange of thought and experience amongst the members and their colleagues.
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