Bosta Savouring 2018 Sales Success

Bosta SavouringThe team at Bosta UK has enjoyed its busiest ever first half-year in 2018, buoyed by the launch of several new products. Back in January, the Bosta UK team unveiled its new Norsup Inverter heat pump to great acclaim. Bosta UK’s highest specification of heat pump to date has the capability to work in air temperatures as low as minus 20 degrees thanks to its pre-heated inverter compressor. Both the fan motor and the compressor are completely variable in speed, so the units can operate at the optimum rates to gain a further 15% efficiency over many inverter heat pumps on the market. Explains Bosta’s Ben Blackburn: “The COP levels on the Norsup Inverter are 16 times greater than electric heaters. “However, customers have been persuaded further by our unique sales strategy which only promotes the Norsup range in pool showrooms or via approved installers.” To complement the heat pumps sales Bosta have been successfully promoting the new Gridsoap heat pump cleaner. This is the first cleaning solution to be offered to maximise the efficiency of the swimming pool heat pump. “Heat pumps can lose as much as 30% heating capacity after three seasons,” explains Ben. “Organic matter builds up on the evaporator fins which acts as a barrier between the warm ambient air and the fins which contain the refrigerant gas,” Ben continues. “If this organic matter is not removed, efficiency is lost.”

Ben BlackburnBosta UK has also had success in 2018 selling its pool cover range from Nextpool. Supplied by France’s leading manufacturer of pool covers, Bosta now offer automated slatted covers, both surface mounted and sunken. They also offer safety bar covers with automated roll out and winter covers. Ben advises: “Bosta UK has the facility to provide instant quotations for pool cover orders and can offer quick delivery times. “Customers are advised to contact the Bosta sales office with all pool cover requirements for competitive prices on the leading European brand of covers.”

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