Pool & Spa SCENE meet the Plastica team…

PLASTICA MANUFACTURES up to 80% of its own swimming pool products in its factory.

As one of the leading independent swimming pool manufacturers and distributors in the UK, Plastica takes its responsibility seriously when it comes to managing its business. This year, the company has achieved ISO 14001 Environmental Management Systems and ISO 45001 Occupational Health & Safety registration for its standards in the manufacture and supply of swimming pool equipment and services.

Manufacturing up to 80% of its own swimming pool products in its factory, the ISO 45001 demonstrates its commitment to a safer working environment and protecting employees against work injury. Improved identification of hazards and risk management through setting objectives, targets, staff training and continuous improvement of working conditions are key aspects.

The company maintains an on-site water treatment plant storing large quantities of chemicals of a hazardous nature and therefore is registered as a COMAH site (Control of Major Accident Hazards). This allows them to keep their costs down and pass the saving on to their customers.

WILL DANDO, STANDING AND PAT DEVANEY, seated, are core players in the 80-strong Plastica team.

Plastica takes all necessary measures to prevent major accidents involving dangerous substances and limits the consequences to people and the environment of any major accident that may occur. Adhering to these standards is paramount in collaborating on energy-efficiency solutions and maintenance of all poolside systems.

Benefits of ISO 14001 and 45001 include higher customer satisfaction, improved chance of winning contracts, lower risk of product/service problems, streamlined business processes, and increased consistency in business practices. Plastica’s Fraser Mcallough comments: “We are eagerly anticipating the future of Plastica.

Combining these working practices alongside our existing ISO 9001, an internationally recognized standard for the quality management of business. “Plastica is committed to quality, efficiency, and functionality. Customers can trust in the quality of our products and the excellence of our services”.

A constant investment in technology has seen production processes evolve over a 52- year history. Founded in 1972, Plastica boasts an 80-strong workforce that can increase significantly during the summer months at its base in St Leonards On Sea, near Hastings in East Sussex. Plastica has unrivalled stickability when it comes to employees, who stay long-term.

Long service staff records are regularly broken with many of the core staff chalking up 30, 40 and even 50 years of continuous service. Will Dando comments: “Our job is to tick all the health and safety standard and accreditation boxes so that we are looking after our customers. “The trickiest part is predicting demand so that we have the right levels of stock available that can be fast tracked,” Will reveals.

“A number of daily reports are run to check customer requirements and stock availability” The team is attracting an increasing number of enquiries from the commercial sector. Health and safety is top priority for the manufacturer with powerful extractor systems negating the need for face masks on the shop floor. The Plastica team works just as hard on its eco-credentials.

A CONSTANT INVESTMENT in technology has seen Plastica’s production processes evolve over its 50 year history.

Even off-cuts of its timber framed pools are upcycled to produce creative off-shoots sold in to other sectors. Plastica’s website boasts a huge span of products from floating spa dispensers commercial reel systems covering Olympic pools and lidos. The company’s biggest sellers are Argonaut pumps, water treatment products not including RPRO70, winter debris covers and domestic and commercial covering systems.

With about 7% of its turnover in export and rapidly growing, Plastica is one of the UK water leisure sectors biggest exporters and say they have seen no real difference in overseas sales post Brexit. However, they say shipping costs have increased due to fuel price increases and driver shortages. In the last 18 months, Plastica has exported to 26 countries with their largest markets in UAE, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Ireland, Greece.

Fraser says: “Whether at home or overseas, Plastica hangs its reputation on its in-depth technical expertise, investment in high end machinery and materials as well as skilled staff enable us to manufactured the highest quality of products. This combination sees not just a return on investment for Plastica, but also for our trade customers using the products daily”

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