With a staggering turnout of over 120 customers each day, January’s SCP Showcase presented an unparalleled platform for 20 vendors to unveil their latest products and innovations. The event was held at the Stanhill Court Hotel, a 19th Century Victorian Country Manor House, set in 35 acres of ancient woodland.

Attendees were treated to an exclusive opportunity to spend time with SCP UK’s top vendors. The experience and opportunity to explore a diverse array of cutting-edge products and solutions from leading suppliers in the field. Dash Ganeson , SCP UK Managing Director commented that the turnout from the customer base and the support of the vendors was overwhelming and noted that it was probably one of the best in recent years.

“SCP continues to grow its market share with its technology driven product offerings as well as investing in people,” Dash commented. “On a personal note, it was great to witness our team’s continued commitment to serve the customers with a personal touch and relationship unmatched in the industry and backed by the largest player in the global marketplace, Poolcorp Inc.”

This year’s vendors included:
• Aquagem
• Maytronics
• Next Pool / Pool Technologies
• Weekend Spa Range
• Nordic
• Latham
• Haogenplast

The SCP team was also very pleased to welcome Watkins, Griffon, Pentair, Hayward, Davey, Waterco, Total Water Products, Lovibond, and HTH for a packed event that was enjoyed by all. From engaging demonstrations to interactive discussions, participants were able to gain invaluable insights and first-hand experience with the latest offerings.

“The event provided a dynamic platform for vendors and customers to come together, exchange ideas, and explore the future of our industry,” remarked SCP Regional Manager, Simon Cook. “The SCP Showcase not only highlighted SCP’s product portfolio but also demonstrated the unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction and innovation,” Simon continued.

“As SCP continues to push the boundaries of excellence, events like these serve as our driving force in the industry for progression to shaping the future landscape. “The showcase format has been a tried and tested formula for SCP UK for many decades now and is enjoyed by customers and the SCP UK staff team alike,” said Simon Cook, Regional Sales Manager.

“Showing more product than we could ever display at an exhibition, the event gives our customers the chance to get up close and personal with a diverse range of key products and ask the burning questions that will help them integrate these brands into their regular portfolio going forward.”

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