Certikin Underlines Pole Pool Position

Certikin managing director, Neil Murray, showcases the newly launched OC-1 filtration solution.
Certikin managing director, Neil Murray, showcases the newly launched OC-1 filtration solution.

Certikin, the UK’s number one distributor, looks set to solve the perpetual problem of credible statistical evidence in a bid to accurately pinpoint UK pool construction figures. A major player in the UK supply chain, the wholesaler is now collating information in a bid to assess the sector more accurately and in the process, identify market trends.

The company is pulling together statistics from its own inhouse sales figures together with sales into the UK from major European suppliers. They will then combine the information gathered from customer surveys organised through its popular annual trade seminars.

“We are hoping to identify trends and see where the industry is going,” Neil Murray, Certikin managing director told delegates at its recent annual seminars. “We did not agree with some of the figures we were hearing quoted and felt that it was off the pace,” explains Neil. “It got us interested in where real figures are.”


Certikin looked at products that  are primarily used in each sector to create a performance index. Clear trends showed a 33% increase in on-site pool lining systems. Work on commercial pools was up, buoyed by an 8% increase in work on school pools, while refurbishment showed steady growth. Income sources put 72% coming from new pool builds and 12% from shops and showrooms.

“Initial feedback, compared with a survey Certikin undertook two years ago, shows that business confidence is growing and that there is a lot more confidence in the industry as a whole,” Neil revealed. “In fact, 75% of companies attending said they had a larger order book than the previous year with availability for new build projects.”

Certikin welcomed packed audiences to two, of its all-day seminars held in January. With the perpetual problem of what to leave out of a packed portfolio of products, the Certikin team focused on:
• Niveko one piece pools

• Walu covers

• Aquacomet swimming pool enclosures

The team also officially launched its new OC-1 filtration solution. Meanwhile, an interview-style presentation with Certikin’s Glyn Lucas of DG Pools and Keith Vickers of Azure Pools with Graham Kneale, in the chair, highlighted the flexibility and reliability of the Calorex heat pump range. After lunch, delegates were invited to browse a Certikin Showcase to take a closer look at the products being highlighted.

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