Studies have shown that owning a hot tub can triple electricity bills. The electric heater, even with optimised placement and installation, is simply energy-intensive. So much so, that some geographic regions have already banned its use. In response to these challenges, Poolex has drawn on all its experience to introduce a series of heat pumps dedicated to spas in 2023.

With an average COP (Coefficient of Performance) exceeding 5, Poolex Spawer heat pumps offer a surprising reduction in electricity consumption. While the electric heater displays a 1:1 ratio in terms of power consumed to power output, the heat pump boasts a 1:5 ratio. But the technological advantages of the Spawer don’t stop at energy savings.

These heat pumps can be installed in an instant thanks to Plug & Play technology, they are reversible for both heating and cooling, and you can control them remotely directly from your smartphone. Home automation on these devices also allows control of the electric heater and circulation pump. With just a few taps, your spa is optimized.

Two ranges to adapt to all conditions, even the most challenging! The O’Spa range operates from -7°C to make it compatible with the widest range of installations. The IceSpa range, on the other hand, offers exceptional operation even at -25°C. Enjoy a warm spa experience at altitude surrounded by snow-capped peaks.

Poolex offers heat pumps with distinct personalities to meet the challenges and demands of the current market. Externally, the choice of side ventilation reflects the ultra-compact nature of these spa heat pumps. Combined with extremely small dimensions – 60 cm width, 42 cm height – this cutting-edge installation allows the heat pump to be placed as close to the spa as possible.

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