DISTRIBUTORS ENJOY LOYAL FOLLOWINGWet leisure industry supplier Golden Coast has achieved a remarkable Net Promoter Score of 63 — considered excellent — after surveying customers earlier in the year. The Net Promoter Score is a widely recognised way of measuring customer loyalty. Customers were asked a single question: “How likely would you be to recommend Golden Coast?” where they then gave it a rating of between 0 (not likely) and 10 (very likely).

Respondents were also given the option of commenting as to why they gave that particular rating. The result is a Net Promoter Score on the scale of -100 to +100, where 0-49 is considered “good”, 50-69 is “excellent” and 70+ is “world class”. “The Net Promoter Score is a great health update on the business,” said Jamie Adams, Managing Director of Golden Coast. “We’re proud to have achieved a score of 63, as customer service is always at the heart of everything we do. “I’d highly recommend that other businesses find out their score, if only to get a reality check that might give them some idea of what their customers are thinking. It’s always beneficial to get a bit of motivation to keep improving.”